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Kalway hangs at 80% while installing...


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Hey people,

I just got me an Acer power 1000 with the following specs:

AMD Sempron 64 3200+ 1,9 Ghz

512Mb ram DDR2

Acer FC51PVG Motherboard

Chipset nVidia

80GB hdd

nVidia Geforce 6150LE 256 MB

Realtek HD Audio


It's my first pc that finally boots a mac install disk, so i was quite happy about it.

But after going through the menu's and making a formated mac partiton tagged "Leopard" and customizing the the install list a bit and checking the cd the installation hangs at +- 80% and saying that there are only 24 minutees remaining.

After I noticed it hanged I tried it again and letting my pc installing the whole night, which didn't made any difference.

It just hangs but the strange thing is you can hear the machine ratteling, digging holes in the hdd and reading the cd.

So am I doing something wrong or is it my machine or may be the cd?


Edit: I burned the cd by the book; burning it at lowest speed etc...

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