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kexts from package updates are incomplete.

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I've often wondered whether the kexts inside update packages are full replacements for existing files, or if they're merely updates for certain files within the individual kext bundles. After installing the Jas' 10.5.3 update, I started copying the uninstalled kexts back to my Extensions folder, and I noticed that at least one of the kexts from the update is incomplete. In particular, IOAHCIFamily.kext is missing some files which are common to all kexts (like info.plist, for example). Fortunately, I always assumed that the update kexts were incomplete, and used "sudo cp -R" to update my existing kexts, rather than replace them entirely.


Anyhoo, it's clear now that kexts from update packages are sometimes incomplete. I was just wondering whether top brass knows about this, because I have never actually seen it being discussed, and it could cause all sorts of weird behavior in people's installations. For example, updating an out-dated version of a kext could result in some bastardized version on your machine. Similarly, replacing (not updating) a kext would replace the old kext with an incomplete new one -- both of these scenarios are bad.


So again, are the appropriate people aware of this?

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