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SATA on My "MAC"


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Good Afternoon!


I am fairly new to the hackentosh scene (just built and installed it last night).

I am trying to get my SATA drives to work.

I have a XFX 630i Motherboard with 7150 onboard Nvidia graphics.

A generic IDE 13 GB hard drive... It has the OS 10.5.2 on it installed from Leo4allv2

I have a E2200 Dual core. All seems well except I can not get my Lite-On DVD (SATA) nor my Hitachi 160 GB Deskstar to be recognized with My "Mac". I also have another minor issue about how do I get to my USB thumb drive but that as I said is minor.

I have tried to install AppleNForceATA.kext Dated 1/28/07 ver 1.0.3 but it does not help. Any assitance would be wonderful. I love my new "Mac"




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