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Asus R1F


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I've got ans Asus R1F tabletPC.

I want to convert it to a mac.

I know some people did it.

I know about the wifi issue (I'm ready to buy a card...)


Here are my questions :


- I've got this distribution of osx86 : Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd Does it works for this machine ?

- Wich wifi express card should I buy to have a 100% compatible one

- I'm not sure, but looks like my DVD combo is dead (it read nothing anymore under vista), can I install it with a usb hard drive instead of a DVD ?

- Will I have the 2 cores working without crazy setup ?

- I've read on some other forum that I should get a HFS+ partition error that I can resolve easily following few command-line steps. Is that systematic or could it works direcly ?

- And finally, does anybody wich have a R1F osx86 converted tablet could give me the importants steps to follow (wich kernel and drivers to choose during install, etc...)



Thanks a lot for your help !

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Well... just tried my kalyway version, no way with every kernels, cpu=1 or even -x...

panic each time...

I think I've got to get this Leo4all version that seems to work.

That's sucks I'm in new zealand and we don't have unlimited internet access here...

I'll have to wait 2 weeks to recover my quota...


Good news, my dvd burner works... it just doesn't work in vista anymore... Why ? Mystery...


Am I condamned to get this Leo4All version or there is a way to do it with the kalyway version ?

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