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Still some annoying things to fix


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Hi all,

that's my configuration:



Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

Asus P5N-E SLI (chipset nforce 650i sli)

4x1 Gb DDR2 800Mhz

2x250Gb Maxtor SATA hd in RAID0

1x160Gb Maxtor on primary IDE

Geforce 7600 GT - 256mb

DVD Burner Panasonic SATA


Lan Realtek 8169

PCI firewire


I have dual-boot with windows XP sp2 on sata raid and leopard on ide.

I installed leopard using iatkos 1.0 r3, then kalyway combo update.

kernel is darwin 9.2.0.

Video is working fine with nvinject, and i loaded AppleNForceATA.kext.

LAN works OOB.

System is working really fine (FCS2, CS3, TOAST, OFFICE, etc) , sleep and standby works perfectly, but i have still something to fix:


1) (the most annoying) Sometimes, with heavy network load (i.e. using amule or azureus), system freeze and i have to manually reboot. this never happens using firefox or skype, etc. (Note: I don't use forcedeth driver as my onboard lan is known as not working).


2) sata drives are not working well.

-DVD burner is seen by leopard, but if i insert a dvd or cd it won't mount. then it's impossible to eject dvd until reboot.

-At boot I have an error message that says that my sata hd are unreadable, and leopard ask me to initialize them. So, for some reason, leopard can't mount my raid (even if my two 250 sata drives are seen in disk utility). (Note:Jmicron controller is disabled in BIOS.should i enable it?)


anyway, if i don't use sata drives or amule, my hackintosh seems very stable and fast.

any ideas?

thank you all, guys, this board is amazing.


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