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iPod/iTunes - Vista/WMP11


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I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, I hope this is ok.


I recently have installed Leopard on my computer and am now dual booting Kalyway with Vista. I like OS X a lot more than I thought I would and feel like a total hypocrite now xD but oh well. So I find I spend a lot of time in Leopard but am a VB developer and will never be able to leave Windows for obvious reasons. Anyways.. This is all working towards a question.


I want to buy an iPod and am very anal about my music collection and organization ect. I would like to have all my music/videos on my 80gb iPod and use OS X for syncing because, lets face it, Windows cannot for the life of it run iTunes pleasently. The dilema I am running into is wanting to keep all my music on my iPod and not my internal HD anymore, I know there is software for WMP11 out there for syncing an iPod with it so thats good. I am just wondering, will this become a problem for me? Is it a bad idea? Will I actually be able to do it or will I run into a mess of problems and regret it? Thanks in advance :).

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