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Kalyway is still waiting for damn root


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Hi guys, my specs for beginning.

MSI x975 Power Up Edition, 4G of some nice memory, Core2Duo 6300, XFX 8800GT.


I've successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2. With nvInject and some 9.2.2 kernel or something.

From IDE DVD to IDE ATA on JMicron, surprise, surprise, flawless victory.

Restarted. Everything is fine so far, I had registered, Internet is working, programs are running, end of story?

Hell no!


First, I had 1024x768, no 8800GT is working. But its a little problem.

After reboot -- BOOM! Still waiting for root device.


STILL WAITING, wait for it, FOR ROOT DEVICE. Zomg! Help me! Nightmare is back!

What to do guys? Please? PLEASE?

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