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Leopard 10.5.2 - Is it going to work for me? and fix my Only problem?


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Hello Everybody....


My name is Costas.. I am from Greece... and I am a graphics designer... I use PC since DOS 4 ... and Win 3.11


I want to move to Mac.. since it is a lot better in graphics design....


That is why I want to install this project and test it... before buying....


Installed Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 on this Computer


Core 2 Duo 6550 (2,33Ghz)

4Gb Ram DDR-800Mhz

Asus P5K motherboard (P35 chipset)

Asus Ati 2900XT-512Mb


Everything seems to work just fine.... but Not the Ati 2900XT...


I can only enter Leopard Desktop using -V -X and in Safe Mode


I tried with my Extremely little knowledge on Mac... to remove some files... and add the 2900XT patch..... with NO LUCK!!!!


It does not work.... it shows the Apple logo... and then... a black screen with scrammble noices... (Like Dead Pixels)


So I am sure that my card is not supported with out correct installation of the patch....


Is there any Guide for "completly idiots" I know nothing.... ( It took me 5 minutes to find where to change the background :)


Never Used a Mac before...


I noticed in 10.5.2 that 2900Xt works.... I downloded this version.... is it a good idea to format my partition and re-install new version?


Thank you all in advance...


If I manage to make it work... i will place a quite nice donation ;)

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