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Working Leopard broken?


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I've have been using leopard for a few months now, everything was great (a pain to get some things working, but I did)...liked it so much I made it my primary PC/OS/whatever and all was well...


now I got a serious problem, I cannot log back in properly. Everything seems to load ok, but when I type my password in the login window - it seems to start but then just stops loading. I can see the wallpaper, but no desktop icons, no menu bar, no dock.


The weird thing is if I try to change the volume the little gui part pops up and I can hear the sound going up/down...ejecting pops up the its gui icon and ejects the tray...mouse works...but nothing else


I originally installed kalyway 10.5.1 - vanilla - mbr - then did combo update 10.5.2, and had all available software updates installed as of last week...I can't even blame some install since it was working for days since I last installed anything...


I tried 'safe mode' but it does the same...checked disk and permissions both with the kalyway dvd and the single user mode's fsck and everything says all is good...


I appreciate any help...thanks

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