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lockups during torrents

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Hi all,

Newbie OSX86er here, have a quick question about a lockup I'm experiencing with Kalyway 10.5.2


I'm currently using an AMD X2 with a Biostar TForce550 motherboard. I was experiencing lockups when using the on board gigabit adapter under heavy load (torrents, etc).


I disabled that device on board and purchased a Netgear GA311 (as it is a realtek reference that is supposedly compatible). However, I am still experiencing lockups even when using this card.


Any suggestions? When I am installing off of the Kalyway disc, should I just be selecting 1 ethernet driver, even though 4 are selected by default? Are there any additional things I need to do for the nForce550 chip?


Thanks a bunch in advance!

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I was having a similar problem. When I would download large files the whole system would freeze.

What fixed the problem for me was going into the advanced network settings and setting the adapter to half-duplex. I haven't had an issue with freezing since then. Hope this helps.

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