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X3100 Dual Display problems


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Hi :)


I'm fairly new to the OSX86 scene and so far am loving it. I got 10.5.2 up and running pretty well on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile D9500.


Unfortunately when I connect my D9500 to a docking station OSX loses it a little. Dual displays work but it's impossible to see anything on the screen because everything becomes very scrunched up, wavy and seems to move randomly. It looks quite a bit like the graphics corruption you used to get with old display cards in PCs.


Unfortunately now I cannot disable the second monitor as it's impossible to get to the arrangement tab without it plugged in and impossible to see the arrangement tab when it is plugged in.


I'm looking mainly for one of two solutions:


1) How to disable the secondary monitor without plugging it in (either via System Prefs or Terminal)

2) How to get dual display working properly on the X3100 graphics card :(


Any help would be greatly apprecited.

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Hey guys after trying to get this damn Display working I was finally able to do it with out Natit. Do this at your own risk.




Ok lets start the work


you will need these kexts http://onekoncctv.com/mac/gmax3100_kexts.zip


Doanload those, extract and save them.


You will also need kexthelper if you have Kalyway 10.5.1 you should already have this.


Remove the Natit kext if you had installed that also remove all the gma950 kexts from /System/Library/Extensions


Open Kexthelper and drag and drop those 5 extracted files you downloaded earlier in the top kexthelper window then put in your password and click "easy install"


Once kexthelper finishes it will tell you everything is ok and you can reboot, before you do this open terminal and type


diskutil repairpermissions /


wait for that to finish once that is done type




once the computer reboots and passes the gray apple screen your screen will remain blank (black screen)


press the power button on your laptop then press the button s and then press enter on your keyboard


woohoo your screen should be displaying now with your 1280x800 resolution


Let me know your results.



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Thanks for the assist :) Didn't solve the problem but didn't break anything either :D


I've attached what the screen looks like when plugging an extra monitor in. Leopard detects the monitor fine but then both displays change to look like the screenshot.


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