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Dual Boot Leopard/ XP Acer Aspire 3050


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The last week has been very educational for me. I have in my studio a G5 PPC Mac running Leopard, an old G4 hacked to run Leopard server and my Acer Aspire laptop (purchased for Windoze). I started catching hints about the OSX86 project, and dove in by downloading Kalyway Leopard.


So now I have a dual boot Aspire 3050 almost working. Here's how I got it to work:


Get Kalyway Leopard. Leo4All V3 will not boot. (Or maybe it will and I just haven't figured it out yet.)


Partition your drive with FDisk or Drive Utilities on the Kalyway disk.


I installed XP from the restore disks I burnt when I purchased my laptop, so I had to install XP first as the Acer restore app. had no way to specify a partition to restore. Once XP is installed, run disk manager or FDisk and make your second partition active. (It doesn't matter what filesystem you used to create the partition.)


Reboot from the Kalyway disk and run disk utilities. Format your second partition with your choice of filesystem, give it a name and set it as active.


Install with Sleep Kernel; ATI graphics drivers; All Network drivers; AppleAzalia HDA; SSE 2 ACPI patches; Power Management patch; Time Machine patch; Intel Memory Management; DDR 667 SMEBIOS; All AMD patches. Make sure you install to the correct partition.


Once the installer has run, reboot, and run movevideodriver as described in the Kalyway Documentation (this is extremely important or else you'll just get noise on the display). Once you've removed the ATI video drivers exit and allow the system to boot. (I don't know why, but if you don't install the ATI drivers initially, you'll have problems later on. Don't ask me.)


You should have the welcome screen with music from the internal speakers. Keyboard volume buttons should work. Trackpad will work (without scroll support). WiFi and ethernet should work.


Download and install Apple Software Updates. It's crucial you get the Leopard Graphics Update. If it's not offered for download it means you didn't install the right ATI drivers at install. Re- install and make sure you select the ATI graphics drivers. (If in doubt just select them all.)


Reboot. Search InsanelyMac for Katana 0.2, download and install. Follow the directions for running the Post- Install app. in terminal, entering your graphics hardware ID, should be 5975. Restart.


So what have you got?


At this point you will have OS X running with sound through the internal speakers or headphone jack, full WiFi and ethernet networking, USB, power management (including battery meter), and resolution switching to 1280x800.


What don't you have? Well for starters you won't have Core Image or Quartz Extreme. After perusing InsanelyMac and playing with various drivers I've had either Mic/ Headphone support (no internal speakers) or Headphone/ Speakers with no mic. At no time have I had SPDIF working, although several driver packages recognized it's presence. I can't get scrolling working on my trackpad (tap- clicking works). Display doesn't wake from sleep (although I may have a fix for that soon if anyone's interested). I've only briefly tested dual displays.


After all that I've got to say that the lack of CI/ QE support is for me, a deal breaker. I can't run any of the software I commonly run (Logic Studio 8, Cubase, Protools, VLC, Toast, etc). Also I really need SPDIF support. So I'll keep playing with the sound issue (something I understand a little about) and hope that the pros here on the board can get the Radeon X200M working (something I know next to nothing about).


Please let me know if you are messing with OSX86 on an Aspire, I'd love to hear how you get on.


Oh, BTW: I've got to say I'm a huge fan of my Aspire. For Windows it was a fantastic machine at a fantastic price. I threw in a new processor a couple of months ago, a new hard drive a month ago, and it is now my go- to machine for all my remote recording gigs. If we could crack the CI/QE issue, I would go into business converting these things into MacBooks. Starving musicians would love these!

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hey hello brother, i have a 3050 too and im getting problems in the end of the install... Something with the ifcstart ...



did u get this kind of problem bro?



ps: im using osx86 to music production also, its an amazing OS to music!!!! :)


ps2: im trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 :)

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Hi! Well i'm kinda new in the osx86 but a senior user of OSX-- the thing is that I keep on getting noise after i did:

1. type "-s"

2. type "mount -uw"

3. type "/movevideodrivers" or "/ movevideodrivers"

4. type "yes" for every question.

5. type "exit"


any advices? I'm trying to revive a 3050 that had XP on it.


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