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Pre-cracked 10.4.4 installs but will not boot


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I got a precracked version of the 10.4.4 install DVD and the installer boots and installs PERFECTLY. Not one error. Then once installation is finished, the machine (a Dell with a P4 and SSE3, ran the original dev OS X release just fine) reboots but absolutely will not start off the drive. It won't even try. On the Dell, it just says "No boot device found" though it does see and identify the drive from in the BIOS. When I put the drive in an enclosure and try to boot it from a different PC, the BIOS gives the message "No OS Found." I've taken out the HD and put in in a Firewire enclosure to check out on my Mac and it looks like everything installed just fine. The files, such as the Finder binary have the same MD5 checksums as the Maxxus 10.4.4 patch versions. What could be missing? Is there some way to bless the drive? Is there anything I can do from my PPC Mac? Any hidden setting on the PC BIOS? Something I can do to the drive while booted off the install CD on the PC?


I'd really appreciate any sort of response.

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