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TimeMachine problem


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Hi everybody, I'm having trouble with TimeMachine. When I click the icon after setting it up, I get an open finder window (the one timemachine automatically opens but after that, instead of seeing the TimeMachine background and the buttons, I only see a second finder window (the one you see when timemachine works) but NO BUTTONS OR BACKGROUND. I still can see my desktop and my icons. When I click the X on the window it closes (I suppose it's timemachine closing). I can also close this by clicking on the lower-right corner of the screen were is normally located the "Cancel" buton.


Now the weird thing is that if I press space (while in the nonworking timemachine), the quick view window will show up. IF I DRAG THE WINDOW OVER MY ENTIRE SCREEN, THE BACKGROUND SHOWS UP but, no button animation when you click them and no date written; its just frozen but with the backgroud.


TimeMachine works in all, because if i press the arrows after dragging the window, my files change but its not very useful since I can't see what is the date of the backup...


I think this is probably an issue with my barely compatible video card which is an nVidia Quadro FX 3400. I have installed the best drivers I could find for it; NVinstaller 4.1 but it looks like its not so good.


If someone could please help me with this by posting a good quadro fx driver for osx86 or by simply posting a fix, it would be gratly appreciated from me and probably all the Quadro FX users who are expiriencing slow graphics.


P.S.: Don't hesitate to post your expirience with your quadro caard and osx86. If everything is working well, what driver are you using ?









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