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Help! I cannot use USB storage device!

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System: Leo4All v3

Kernel: 9.2.0


My hardware list:

CPU: AMD Athlon64 3200+

Chipset: VIA KT890 Northbridge

VIA 8237 Southbridge

Graphic: GeForce 6600GT

Sound Card: Realtek ALC 850


The problem is when I insert a USB flashdisk or hard disk, at the first time the system can detect it and even mount it, I even can see the file list in the finder, but after a few seconds (usually 8~10s), finder will not be responding, and I cannot use the usb device any more; what I can only do is eject the device manually. If I insert the device the second time, the light on the device shows that the disk is being read all the time, but in fact, nothing happened. If I insert the device the 3rd time, even the light won't show anything...


I wonder what cause the problem and how to solve it...


And I have another question, but this one is not that serious as the one above, that is, the sound card can only use one sound channel, my stereo sound now only work in mono mode, one speaker has no sound at all.

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