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OSX journalled primary partition; No volumes to install to

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I have a 100GB disk in 3 partitions. I've got XP running on partition 1 (NTFS) and partition 3 is a OSx journaled Primary Partition.

I have tried several distros (inc. iATKOS and Kalyway) but in all cases when I get to the 'choose volume to install to' page, there are no volumes available in the window. I opened Disk Utility in the installer, and can 'verify' and even format that 3rd partition using the tool, but when I click the 'Mount' button for that partition, it says "Unable to mount". I can't understand how the utility is able to format the partition but not mount it? Anyway, I'm sure this is related to why I see no partitions to install to. Has anyone else had this problem, and what is the solution?


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