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OS X resets during the initial Setup

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I have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my dell latitude successfully.


When it starts up though, I get through where it asks what nation am I in and the keyboard layout, but when it asks me if I already have a mac, I choose Do Not Transfer Now, and it causes it to reset back to the nation page. I am going to post this here and in the nstallation section because I am really unsure of which section it should go in.


If anyone knows a way past this, please tell me.

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Copied from a post by Caleb Gray - kudos for him, this worked for me.


1) Boot up, and hit a key (or F8, depending on your Darwin Bootloader).


2) Type in "-s" (NO quotes!) and press enter.


3) Once booted it will tell you to do two things, do them. (You can put them on a single line by using &&: fck && mount [use what they say, I can't recall from memory.])


4) When those commands finish you will (should?) have access to your HDD under /Volumes, so navigate there now: cd "/Volumes/NAME-OF-YOUR-VOLUME-HERE/var/db/" (WITH quotes!)


5) Execute the command: touch .AppleSetupDone


6) Then run: passwd


7) It will ask you for the new password for the user "root." If it doesn't then try "passwd root" instead.


8) The passwords in *nix* OSs are not repeated back to you with asterisks for security purposes. Do not be afraid to type a password, I will assume you use the password: "password."


9) Confirm that OS X is telling you that the password was changed.


10) Keep executing "exit" until it boots into Leopard.


11) Login using the following: username: root password: password


After that I created a new user account in the Users preference pane so I didnt have to log in as root every time


Hope this helps!!

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