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Leopard 10.5.1 on ASROCK Dual775 880 Pro WORKING INSTALL

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my hardware:mobo: ASROCK Dual 775 880 Procpu: p4 Prescott 2.8GHzsound: AC97 built in audionetwork: VIARHINE fast ethernetvideo: Visontek Xtacy (ATI Radeon X1300 512mb dual DVI)the process:i wanted to dual boot, so i spent a lot of time messing with bootloaders. I eventually got dual booting in Vista to work with EasyBCD (a windows BCD editing app, has nice OSX86 stuff built in)then i had to patch Kalyway 10.5.1 iso with theStevo45patch.ppf and ppf-o-matic (this patch was made for my family of ASROCK mobos, it has drivers for network, audio, and other mobo stuff)i got into Leopard and had a few problems: the Natit.kext would not work on my Radeon X1300 so I found an older driver and added it to /System/Library/Extensions and changed permissions (chown and chmod), then deleted Natit.kext and rebooted. My primary display doesn't work, but the secondary is fully recognized and I can change resolution etc.I then noticed that I only had sound out of my left speaker, so i did some reading and saw others with this problem, so i found a new version of AppleAC97Audio.kext here on the forums someplace and put it in my extensions directory and repaired permissions on the file, and rebooted.I now have stereo sound, hi res graphics, and it's stable as hell. I just can't get dual head to work with my Radeon X1300. I'm going to try webb's new Natit driver when I get a chance, but this system is flying on my p4!It's hard to explain all I did to get it to dual boot and work with my mobo, so PM me if you have problems with an ASROCK mobo, ATI Radeon video card, or AC97 audio problems.btw the driver i found so far that work with my secondary display was called NatitX1300.kext

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