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Parallels + Ableton (running on XP) Audio Interface Problem

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Im succesfully running 10.5.2 + Parallels on my hackintosh, which boots my windows xp from the real hard drive (no virtual disk)


i can play mp3s everything fine on Xp, but when i try to run Ableton, first it says i must choose a Audio Device ( I got a Saffire FW interface )from the Preference Menu.


If I choose any of the ASIO options, doesnt matter which, Ableton Live hangs and theres no way to kill the process and I have to stop the VM machine and boot again. The Windows multimedia works but is too dam unusable... Is there a workaround? Ive seen some videos people using other programs Like FlStudio and Reason on Parallels, so there must be a way... or maybe they are using succesfully the MME/DirectX driver which doesnt do so well on my system...Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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