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small problem

Tre W

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hello. I'm trying to dual boot kalyway leopard on my computer.


i have 3 partitions


the first is my Vista, as it always has been

the second is the stanard D:\ drive it comes with. recovery files, etc etc

last is a 50 GB partition i left for OSX.

it installed correctly, but now I'm having "HFS+ partition error" show up.


I've been going into single user mode as another thread suggested to switch the flags around, but now it's givingme more problems.


I'm convinced I'm doing this wrong and that I'm stupid. I manage to pull the Vista boot back up and reair it, but i can't repair OSX's boot.


can someone just go over what to do with me? because this is honestly a little frustrating.


and help is greatly appreciated. :)

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