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Referalls needed for ptc sites please....!


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i found out about couple of months ago that there are certain sites, that would pay you to view advertises... so i thought i should give it a shot...! so here's how it works...an advertiser pays that site 0.03 $ for each advertise they host, and i get paid 0.01$ for each one i view... but also, i get paid the same, or a percentage ( depends on the site ) of what my referalls view, without them losing any money, it's like a bonus thingy...!

so i would be grateful if some people could help me and sign up under my referall so that i could earn a bit more money..

i dont want to buy some referalls so any help it would be pretty sweet....!

thank you


the links are....

01) http://www.advercash.net/signup.php?ref=infected_dreams

02) http://earn3.com/?r=infected_dreams

03) http://www.croclix.com/register.php?r=infected_dreams

04) http://www.neobux.com/?r=infecteddreams

05) http://www.crewbux.com/register.php?r=infected_dreams

06) http://www.buxearnings.com/register.php?r=infected_dreams

07) http://www.vipbux.com/register.php?r=infected_dreams

08) http://www.buxology.com/index.php?ref=infecteddreams

09) http://buxa.in/?r=tweetyandsylv@hotmail.com

10) http://www.buxplace.com/?r=infecteddreams

11) http://realbuxs.webspacemania.com/register...infected_dreams

12) http://onebux.net/?r=infected_dreams ---> this one is really good i must say... lots of ads....!


so if you like to help me buy some new parts for my hackintosh, please register using me as a ref and make some clicks on ads...! :ihw_wow: it will only take like 10-15 minutes out of your time to register and will get me some help too.... thank you in advance....!

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