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Medevil patch question/problem


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The Disk utility ( and system profyler SATA) hangs when my SATA HD (a Samsung Spinpoint 320GB) is connected to the mainboard.


What I have:


MB: Asus A8n VM -CSM (Nforce 430/Nvidia 1650)

HD Seagate 120GB IDE

HD samsung SATA spinpoint 320 GB

Multibooting Tiger 4.8 and 4.9, Leopard, Xp and Server 2008


What I did:

Clean install with JAS 10.4.8 on PATA HD seagate , boots fine, sound works after patching vendor id.

Used AppleNForceATA.kext to patch the sata controller as this seems to be the solution for Nforce430 chipsets.

AM I wrong?

On first boot (after patching) I actually saw the first partition of my sata HD on the desktop, but can't access it, Finder or disk utility would hang forever. After rebooting that drive dissappeared.

I checked the vendor Id of the sata controller and they seem to be correct (0266 10DE)


I even tried reformatting the first partition (sata) into FAT32 (stupid me!)



So what am I missing here?






BTW: The leopard did exactly the same and so did tubgirls 10.4.9 install (removed Leopard now)

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