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x1950 Pro QE/CI


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A search for x1950, 1950 and x1950 pro returned no results across the entire forum so, thought I'd make the thread...


What is the current status regarding the x1950 Pro and QE/CI support? I'm using the Leo4allV3 DVD and at last the system is running, everything working out of the box except SATA and QE/CI on my MSI P35 Neo FIR. And firewire, because who cares ;) pfft.


The leo4allV3 installer has options to install x1x9x graphics card drivers which I have done and whilst I can change res I can't use QE/CI, causing my quad-core machine to run the visuals of OS X slower than my GMA950 based laptop. This is understandably aggravating!! Am I missing something or is there no support? :)

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