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3D Acceleration Error - gaming


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My specs: (Custom clone machine)


P4 3.4GHZ with HT technology


512MB ATI Radeon x550

110 GB HD



After a few installs I have got this kalyway install working great ...except I installed 'World of Warcraft', and after install when I go to run it it gives me an error "Could not start 3d acceleration"...this is the only video game I have to try currently, but I'm assuming any others would give the same result..


I installed off kalyway dvd, selected NO video card drivers (as selecting any would make the system hang on re-boot)....to change my resolution I edited the com.apple.boot.plist file in terminal window, forcing the 1280x1024 res..which works fine as well now..no glitches.



Is there a driver somewhere I need to install to get this working? pls help!!


Video card dev id: dev_5B63


thanks for any help!! System works great otherwise..

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