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[Feeler] Gaming PC whole or as seperates?


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Hi i have a gaming pc capable of course of running osx 86. about a year old great condition, and heavily modded just wondering what people reckon the best way of selling it is? as a whole or as seperates?? heres the stats:


gigabyte ds3 mobo with a zalman northbridge heatsink

nvidia 8800gts 640mb gpu card with zalman bracket system + 2 80mm fans

just over 1tb of hdd space split over 4 disks.

intel quad core 6600 clocked at 2.7ghz

alphacool pro water cooling (twin rad) cools cpu.

2gb corsair c4 ram

antec power supply (rated most stable gaming psu last year in several reviews)

antec case with side window panel.

fitted with 6 uv tubes. (looks lush)


obviously its a beast (crysis on high - 40-60fps), and i just dont know how to sell it! im uk based price estimates would be a bonus aswell from peoople.

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