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mac os freezes during password entry


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Well, I finally got mac os x installed (10.4.8) and running after about 2 days of hell (had problems trying to get vmware to boot off of mounted iso in linux, which was a no go, windows kept locking up etc, finally got it installed onto a proper primary partition). Then I noticed that my built in ethernet card is not on the compatibility list (shows up as not plugged in, and freezes when I try to do network config stuff) so I was kind of bummed out. Then I remembered I have a wireless usb card, so I check the compatibility page and there it was. So anyways.


I installed the drivers from the ralink site, (wrt54gp v4 usb......RTUSB D70- D71W- UI- installed them without a problem, restarted my computer, and got the app running. But whenever I select my network in the app and try to enter my network password, mac os freezes as soon as I press a key. Anyone know what the problem might be? Mac is installed on the first partition of my second hdd. AMD cpu


I can't get usb support through vmware to try it from that, it gives me this error message


"USB controller initialization failed. A supported host USB driver was not found. If you have installed USB traffic monitoring software on the host system, please remove it.


Virtual USB controller has been disconnected."

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