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instalation of 10.5.2 heeeeeeeelp!


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So here is the thing!


the first time I've tried to install it was my mistake I didn't read at all and I didn't format the disc to fat 32


then I did formatted it and it went alright I didn't even skip that part the one that you can skip and everything fine at the end with a smile on my face I received an error that said that something went wrong and I was like great!!


then I did it again and again and again.... (btw I did changed it to journaled and all the stuff) reading I've found that It might be that I burned to fast so the thing is that in another try it formatted my hard drive xD hahahahah cuz more than once shut down my computer on the middle of the loading of darwing


So I've installed vista again (yeah it sucks) download 10.5.2 rev 2

I already checked I have the sse3 and most of the stuffs and I'm supposed to be alright Im an AMD (turion 64) user


so now I burned it slow 4x (cuz I've tried with 2x and it just wont burn dont ask me why) and when I get to the part that Im supposed to select the language! the pointer (Im in my laptop Compaq presario v3000) just wont move its just standing still on the upper side left corner!!


I've tried with the other DVD and the same thing!! its just stayed there! :wacko:


Please someone!!



-v all of them already!!!



Compaq presario v3418la


-Windows Vista Ultimate (comes with basic)

-mk-38 AMD Turion 64 2.2 GHZ

-HDD 120 GB/ 5400 rpm

-RAM 1024 mb.....1 GB/667 MHZ DDR2

-DVD - RW with lightscribe

-NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (64 using ram up to 128 (what I have)

-Widescreen 14,1" WXGA High-Def BrightView (1280 x 800)

-Broadcom Wireles WLAN 802.11b/g


anything else you need to know Let me know!!


Thanks in advance :(

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