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HP 9300 AMD Tyan K8WE S2895

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Anyone have any idea why my HP 9300 (Tyan K8WE S2895) can't see the NetGear ethernet card model GA311. I bought the after having so many issues with the NForce4 ethernet and Forcedeth driver.


The HP XW9300 (Bios 2.09) appears to working excellent with the exception of not seeing the card in the PCI X slot. According to the HCL , this card uses the RealTek RTL8169S driver. I have tried both Kalyway 10.5.2v3 and Zephyroth AMD EFI 10.5.2v2 with no difference other than the Zephyroth NForce driver is more stable when accessing the internet (no crashes) but it can't connect with local servers.


Any idea where to start with this issue?


I was ready to make an entry into the HCL on the HP XW 9300


This makes for a Fast Mac based on Opteron. It's been fairly stable. I plan to test the full Adobe Creative Suite CS3 and see how it compares to a MacPro.



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Do you have a standard PCI slot to try putting your network card in temporarily?

Its possible that the AMD-8131 PCI-X I/O tunnel chip is not working under osx.


1) sorry i posted on such a old post

2) the pci-x slots on my tyan k8we which uses the same pci-x controller chip as his board works just fine

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