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Problems with a slightly esoteric program


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Hi all. First post. Yay!


I've been doing my research for a few days now and I've been able to get Kalyway 10.5.2 to install. Hoorah!


But, I still have a problem. The reason I need to use OS X is because I'm working on developing a videogame in a tool called Unity for which there is unfortunately only a Mac IDE.


So here's my set-up:


Its a home-built rig with an ECS KA3 MVP board. The chipset is an ATI 580X with SB600 southbridge (huy...). Its got a 500 GB SATAII hard disk that I have partitioned into 100GB for Windows, 100 GB OS X, and 265 (yeah, 500G my ass) GB for what will be a shared ext2 partition in the magical happy time that i get all this to work. I have 4GB DDR800 ram, and an Athlon64 X2 6400+ processor. GFX card is Radeon HD2900 Pro


I'm using AMD patch #1 and the default kernel.


Unity kicks back an error, something like Authorization Unsucessful.


I posted on their forum and have yet to hear a response, but I suspect that it has something to do with the 3rd-party-ness of Kalyway. Either the kernel or the chipset drivers or what have you.


Have there been any updates since the Kalyway release? Are there alternative extensions that I could try?


I just bricked the install I had working by trying to install the SB600_SATA kext that I found at:




Then again I just put it in the kext installer program, so maybe there were some other steps to go through.


Anwyay I'm totally lost. Any ideas?

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I did some more snooping and I found out that Unity uses PACE anti-piracy to validate its licesnsingAnybody run into problems with PACE on AMD systems?And Hey what do you know!I replaced the contents of /Library/Application Support/PACE Anti-Piracy with contents of the same folder from a legitimate PPC mac running 10.4 (Its old, tho, hence I use my homebuilt rig)and all is well!I don't know if anybody "important" will see this, but here's how to fix the bug, provided you have a legitimate install of Tiger...

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