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okay so i accidentally put kalyway on my machine instead of zephyroth.


now i have zephyroth and i'm trying to put it on instead.

however, it tries to boot os x every time i try to boot from the dvd, and of course it doesn't work.


how do i format the FAT32 partition i made for os x so it can install?


i don't know how to get into a prompt or anything from the HP boot screen.



help please? and thanks :wacko:

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try to boot with -v -f and see what type of error you have



i don't really think it matters what error i have since i used the wrong version lol.

i already posted another thread about that and everyone told me what i knew already: use zephyroth instead.



but for what it's worth, the last line in the verbose boot says:

"unknown SIGSEGV code 0"


every time. doesn't matter HOW i boot it (hdd or dvd), or what mode i boot it in (-legacy, -x, etc).

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Well if you have your xp windows disk you can use that to format partitions. Just boot that up and let it load. Or just take out your hard drive and put the disk in, then once the disk boots up pop your hard drive back in, that should theoretically work although the disk may not detect any new drives after it boots up. Also if your disk wont boot, check your bios and make sure that your booting from your cd drive before your hard drive.

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