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Darwin stops booting.

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Hey guys, when I put zephyroths rc2 version of leopard in, it'll load up the black and white darwin x86 prompt up and it'll go to the apple logo with the loading icon, but in my case right in front of the apple logo a "cancel" icon appears in the middle of the screen. I check my tower for functions and my dvdrom and hd arent making any processes, what's going on?



msi K9AGM Mobo w/ amd athlon 2.8 ghz 4000+ 64 bit cpu

vista ultimate 64 bit sp1

4gb ram

500 gig seagate drive and another 250 (ordered for leopard installation)

bfg tech 512 meg 5600 vcard

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i've got this same problem, where abouts is the information you need, after you press -v and it goes into the scrolling text, the last line of it when its big or when it goes into the second screen where the text is smaller?

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