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Parititon scheme for tri-booting OSX/Linux/Vista


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This might've been a topic that has been repeatedly brought up on this forum, in this case, I apologize for bringing it up again, but after skimming through the wiki and various tutorials on teh internet, I haven't found a solution that would be satisfactory.


Basically the problem is as follows, finding a partition scheme that would maximize storage efficiency while maintaining good data sharing between OS's


I know there are various partition schemes out there, Ill just point out the ones that are off the top of my head:

  • Part n Conquer, each OS gets their partition and store everything there
  • create a common FAT partition to share data and give each OS about 20 gig of space for app files and system files
  • OS and application on one hard drive, and use external harddrives / another HD for data storage

Which one do you recommend? and if so, what are the shortcomings that you have experienced?


I have only personally used the first scheme when I'm dual-booting linux/XP, I found numerous disadvantages, i.e. my current linux partition is almost full and I can't access the windows partition spaces.


Your opinion is appreciated, thanks!

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