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Vista Bootloader on seperate drives


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I've got an install going on with Vista and Ubuntu on the booting SATA drive and a seperate IDE drive with Kalyway on it. It's boots fine but I have to set it to boot to the IDE drive for it to work. I'm trying to set up the Vista Bootloader using both EasyBCD and BCDedit and I've had no success so far, there's several things I'm not sure about. Really I just want to boot to the disk and let it sort itself out but it won't let me do that, keeps wanting a path. I've assigned it a letter which I'm using and I've tried varying combinations of booting to the '/chain0' file, '//boot.efi', and various other paths I've tried like 'boot' or just '/'. I'm not even sure if I have to point the boot to the c:\ or the OSX drive (I'm assuming that I should be booting to that active hidden 200mb partition). I've not trie putting the chain0 file on the Mac partition yet and I'm not going to unless someone tells me otherwise cos I really don't think I'm supposed to.


Though I'm using EasyBCD to create the BCD entries as well, I keep seeing this /d in all the guides to using bcdedit to create your own entries and I was wondering what that did.

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