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Some problems from biginning


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Hi guys! I have just used MAC OS X (Kalyway 10.5.2) few days ago . This is my first time with this OS so I don't have any experience with this OS. I need your help for my problems.

1. I'm using admin account but I couln't modify any system files (for example system boot file). It said that I don't have right to modify those files (you don't have approprioty access privileges). I tried to change the right for those file (get info --> permission) but nothing is changed. I think this is the reason for second problem.

2. When I copy new kext file into folder /system/library/extension (for example Natit.kext), the system showed me the message "System extension cannot be used" (and the reason is the kext file was installed improperly). That's why it's impossible to change VGA driver.

3. At the first time, I had problem with VGA driver. Screen was white after apple screen. I tried to used /movevideodrivers in sighle mode and it was showed me that process was successful. But it didn't solve my problem. So I got in system with safemode (-x) and I saw all VGA drivers are still there. Thus I decided to delete all of them by moving them to trash. And now I can log in system in normal way. My question is how I can get those drivers back cos I need some of them to choose right driver for my VGA card?

4. Do you have any suggestion for installing right driver for ATI mobility HD 2600. I searched in many forums and I can find only ATI HD 2600 pro. Could I use the same driver for my card?


Thank you for reading my questions. I'm waiting for your solutions.

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