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Need help booting off of External HD


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Hi, I'm pretty new with the whole osX86 thing, I've installed 10.4.1 before on our old computer but it was buggy and i got rid of it, but now i want to try it again, with leopard, except on an external hard drive. My ideal would be if you boot the computer while external is plugged in, it will go into leopard, and if you boot without it, it'll go into windows.


So I've downloaded kalyway leopard 10.5.2 and burnt it onto a dvd, and then installed it onto the external (which is a Western Digital  Elements 500gb btw), however once the installation is complete and it tries to reboot:


1) If the dvd is still in the tray, it just tries restarting the installation from scratch, as if nothing had ever happened

2) If the dvd is NOT in the tray, it boots into windows vista.


I have changed around the settings in the bios so that the USB drive (which is power supplied) is the first in the list, and "laptop hd" and the cd are the last 2. Still, the same thing as above happens. It appears that the drive just isn't being recognised. If I press f2, which is some type of boot chooser, not a bios setting (i'm sure you've heard of it), it only shows 2 options: cd drive and internal hd.


I've tried installing with an array of different partition settings: 2 partitions (1 FAT for storage, the other mac os journaled extended), the same but the other way around, the whole drive for mac, each of these differing between the 2 different partition "types" (Master Boot record or something, not sure about the other one).


My system specs are (off the top of my head):

- 2.0ghz intel Core Duo processor (not core 2 duo)

- Intel GMA accelerated graphics

- not sure about the bios (i guess i could look if it's really that important)


I don't think there's much other info you would need that I would know, but if you need to know anything, be sure to ask.


Thanks in advance,

- Jaiden

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