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Choppy Video Playback

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I installed 10.5.2 using the kallaway DVD image, and with a few little tweaks I have managed to get nearly everything working properly. The one thing that is still giving me trouble is video playback...


When playing video in quicktime or in niceplayer (which uses quicktime) everything will behave fine for 10-20 minutes, and then suddenly the sound will become choppy. If I pause the playback for 30-60 seconds and then resume it corrects itself and will be perfect again for another 10-20 minutes.


I've searched the forum for solutions to this, but haven't been able to find anything matching these symptoms. Based on a number of threads I have tried tweaking my FSB. I'm not sure what it was being detected as, but I have no forced it to 133, but that made no difference.


Any ideas? It is rather important for this machine to be able to playback video properly because the entire point of the machine is to play video. I have hooked it up to a 40" LCD and use it to play video over the network.




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I fixed it! (Ok, I worked around it, but the problem is gone)


The box in question has an onboard intel HDA sound card (realtek ) which was not working after install. Rather than fight with the software I installed another card (an AC97) and that one worked right away.


Well, because of the weird audio popping I was having I decided maybe it was worth the effort to get the onboard card working, in hopes that it would resolve the problem. So I installed AzaliaAudio, and it worked!

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