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Hadware Compatibility HELP Needed!

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Hi guys! I've seen all your mobo/cpu/video combinations that work and I'm truly amazed!


First I would like to start by saying that, even tough I am hardware and programming orientated, I am bit mac/linux retarded. Since I haven't had much time to work on these different operating systems I am not as skilled. I've worked with mac in recent years and have grown to love it, and even thinking on purchasing a MacBook in the near future.


Until then I need to save up bit by building the right PC so I can use Leopard 10.5.x.


I am not satisfied with the wiki, since I already tried a combination and gave more headaches than results. I'm looking for something that would mostly work right out of the box.


My requirements are:

SATA/IDE: no patch

LAN: no patch

CPU: no patch

On Board Video or Video Card: Multiple Video Output must work (no patch preferably)

Audio: stereo/mic/line in working (no patch preferably)

Shutdown/Restart: working

and no hardware flashing.


Would prefer MSI. But can settle for any other name brand of equivalent or higher quality.


Already have the hard drives and other parts. Only need Motherboard, CPU, Video, RAM. Looking to spend anywhere from $100 to $300.


I already have a video card from my previous pc a PCIe GeForce6500 256MB which I hope would work, if anyone knows that it won't I can buy another.


I basically want a pc where I can run Mac and Windows. It would also be nice if its compatible with linux.


Like I said before, since I'm not used to the whole patching and sudo, etc.. I would rather have something that can work right out of the box with none or at least the minimum amount of patching. If not, a mobo/cpu/video combination that will work with an already patched dvd that needs no modding.


Would really appreciate the help!!

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gracias. and no, no patching really. I'm running Vanilla Kernel, Time Machine works, pretty much everything works, except Sleep with SSE3 (just shuts down computer), and shutdown sometimes powers off the machine and sometimes just closes everything down, black screen, no HD access, no CPU processes (I just have to hit the power button like in the old days). All in all, very minor things that I could probably fix if I felt like using a non-vanilla kernel, but they don't bother me, so no big deal. Sleep on SSE1 works, screensavers work, monitor sleep works, CI and QE work, my usage in Final Cut Pro has been intense and yielded GREAT render times, and a VERY responsive computer.


I DID have to go through a number of installs before I got smart and read up some more, and found out that on some machines the install will freeze partway through if you have more than a certain number of RAM, so I limited my RAM to 2048 on boot of the install. The actual OS uses all 4 gigs fine, no kernel panics yet, and only a couple freezes (I could count them on one hand, and it's been like a month of me puttin' it through it's paces).


EDIT: I forgot, you asked about LINUX. I'm sure this would work fine with LINUX, I see no reason it wouldn't. That being said however, I haven't tried it... yet. Google "GA-EX38-DS4 Linux" and I bet you'll get plenty of good reading.

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