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motherboard : final decision gigabyte or asus ?


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i'm going to buy one of this motherboard :


gigabyte P35 - DS3P

gigabyte P35 - DS4


(ther is also this one , is there a difference ?)

gigabyte EP35 - DS3P

gigabyte EP35 - DS4



And the Asus one :


P5W DH deluxe ?


Are there VERY good choice ?


i planned to put on it :

intel Core Q6600

geforce 7660Gt (albatron)

2 go kingston DDR2 667 (or corsair value)

one sata drive 160go seagate ...

this mac x86 is planned to replace my mac mini for final cut ... (so video ) OR for os x server leop. (leop. server is working on asrock conroe 945g-dvi ?)

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I'm using the P5W DH deluxe, everything works PERFECTLY. fully supported sound which is quite hard to find i believe. optical out and everything. onboard RAID works with leo, i have every SATA port plugged in and every drive works. PCI slots working fine, am gonna try dual graphics cards at some point, no problems at all.



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