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used guide to order but can't boot


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Hey guys, I hope you can help.


I went to the HCL guide and found a mother board that worked almost everything correctly. So, I ordered that board so I would not have any problems. It was the 975X Platinum PowerUp. I tried about 50 disks that I had including Kalyway, etc. It said on the guide everything worked. But I get /"com.apple.boot.plist" not found on every disk except the jparted disk. And that is linux.


I always post and this is such a large board I can't remember where my post is to see if anyone answered. If you could email me at yhmmc@yahoo.com if you have had experience with this.


I thank you in advance. If no one wants to help, at least thank you for reading this post. I have tried reading the entire forum before and it makes my head dizzy.


Thanks Again for your time.



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