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Miscellaneous Problems- Thinkpad R52- Leopard 10.5.1

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I have sincerely searched for solutions to my problems but in this vast forum, I have given up my search and decided to pen it down in order to get a quicker solution.


Before I tell my problems with Leopard, let me brief you about the hardware..

I am using an IBM Thinkpad R52 1847 series notebook. It has a SSE2 Intel Centrino 1.73 GHz single core processor, ATI Radeon M300 graphics card, 2 GB of RAM, and the Leopard partition is of 21 GB. It also has an Intel Pro 2200 b/g Wireless card.




My first problem is related to the wireless card. I primarily use Wireless LAN to connect to internet at home. Unlike Linux/Windows, here in Leopard I have to manually select my network and enter a WEP key. Can I automize it? As soon as I start Leopard, it should automatically connect to the network. I have downloaded iwi2200.dmg from code.google to use the card. It comes with its own Network selection utility.


My second problem is that I cannot scroll or tap through the touchpad. I have a trackpoint also, which also doesn't scroll. If I enable clicking and dragging in System Preferences-> Keyboard&Mouse then the Trackpoint goes dead. And since I am habitual to the trackpoint, I really need it.


My third problem is that iCal crashes on launch every-time. Don't know why


Fourth problem is of sound. In linux (Ubuntu) the sound is very loud but here in Leopard it is too low.



I really hope someone can help me with these... I guess once all these are resolved I can completely switch over to Leopard as my primary OS.

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As for the wireless card, there is a driver being actively developed for the 2200BG, 3945ABG, and 4965AGN cards. Here it is: http://projectcamphor.mecurysquad.com/


For the Trackpad, it seems to be an issue no one has fully looked at. I've searched around to no avail.


For iCal, it may be conflicting drivers. Try re-installing with a different configuration. Make sure to only select one or no drivers from each category and only install multiple drivers for a category only when the description calls for it.


For your sound, use the hardware buttons on your Thinkpad to raise the sound card volume way way up. Since the volume control buttons are linked to the sound card, not the laptop itself, the sound card has its own individual volume control separate from the operating system. You can then use the OS X volume interface to modify the volume actively at a reasonable loudness level. While softer than in Windows, it is the maximum possible.


Hope this helps.

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