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Share NTFS folder using NFS possible?


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Im total mac noob that just installed the Leopard.


I'm trying to make nfs share on folder that exist on ntfs partition.


i have edited (sudo vi /etc/exports) the /etc/export file and added following:


/Volumes/Vista/Movies -network -mask

/Library -network -mask


then i restarted the nfs server (sudo nfds restart)

enabled it (sudo nfsd enable)


and check the shares (showmount -e)


it will show me that the /Library is shared but not Movies on vista volume.


I have also notice if i fully qualify the path for library it won't share it !!!!


By fully qualified i mean /Volumes/MacOSX/Library -network -mask

This won't get shared.


Any help with this ?



My mac volume is named 'MacOSX' and my vista volume is named 'Vista'


im using ntfs-3g driver

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I have been chasing this dream for the past year now. I am convinced that it is not possible.


I have gotten Mac OS X to share a NTFS partition via SharePoints. The only problem was that when I tried to access the partition from my other Windows computers in the house, the folders would show up as broken files, then I would refresh and they would show up as folders. Once I finally got to a file (a picture), it would not open it and claimed it was broken.


I successfully share FAT32 partitions via SharePoints though. It works great.


Keep in mind, this is all in Tiger, I do not use Leopard. Is it possible in Leopard? I know they added a feature to share folders besides the Public folder in Leopard.


Anyways, good luck, and don't be afraid to ask for help in a PM. I will respond and try to help you out.



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hey austibor


it seems to work with Paragon NTFS For Mac. you can share it normally as you would a folder in HFS partition through apple's file sharing thing in system preferences. but the problem is permissions on sharing don't seem to work, not for me anyways. so even guest users accessing your shared folder have full administrator rights.

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