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Dual Monitors/Advanced Display Options?


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Hi, everyone. I want to start out by saying that I searched the forums for this information, but I returned nothing that made sense to me so far, so sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere.


I just got OSX86 installed on my ABit I45CV motherboard with minimal problems. I did have to install a PCI Realtek 8139 ethernet adapter and a Creative USB audio device rather than use onboard, but otherwise, it's running VERY smoothly! Praise OSX86!!


My question is this: I have a PNY nVidia 7300 PCI-E display adapter with VGA and DVI-out. I have a dual-monitor setup, and I would like to extend the environment to the second monitor. Is this possible with stock drivers? Under System Preferences -> Displays, I am only really able to change the color profile and resolution. I see nothing relating to a second monitor, either. Also, the refresh rate on the primary monitor is KILLING my eyes. Is it possible to change this? I'm stuck!


Thanks in advance!

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