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succesful install kaliway 10.5.2 on HP dv9595ed + dual boot vista

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after working on it for days i finaly got what i want.

a dual booting 10.5.2 and Vista.

here's what i encounterd and how to solve it:



Because the HP install erases the full first HD i first installed Vista on the first HD.

After that i installed kaliways 10.5.2 on the second harddrive.

because both HD are identical, dual booting was pretty difficult, however i found a simple way.

- after installing Vista normaly, restart with the kaliway dvd.

- after the language screen open diskutility in the top menu.

- select the hd you want to install kaliway in (second drive)

- on the right select "partition"

- make 1 partition and format as extended (journald).

- in the options select "use as MBR (not GUID!!!!).

- make the partition.

- just to make sure repair the permissions in the first aid tab.

- klik on proceed and select the new partition to install MAC in to.

- in the next screen select advanced options and select all the things you need.

as far as i can remeber i installed all kernels, no sound, all network drivers, only the nvidio nvinject 756, and nothing more.

- select ok and install OsX.

- after the kaliway install, boot into Vista.

- copy the "chain0" file from the Mac to the root of Vista c:/.

(i atached it also to make it easy ;-)


- open "command promt" as administrator (right click->open as administrator)

- type: bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Mac OS X" (or another name that you want for the Mac in the bootselection)

- type: bcdedit /enum active

- now you see the statistics of both 2 harddrives, if done like above the last one would be the Mac HD.next to ïdentifier"you see a alphanumeric code that identifies the harddrive. type that code in the "code" in the next command.

type: bcdedit /set {code} PATH \chain0 so it would look something like this: bcdedit /set {38912a-233fdf-45ghghhg-fdfe4} PATH \chain0

- type: bcdedit /timeout # where # is the number of second you want to display the dualboot menu, so in case you want 3 seconds type: bcdedit /timeout 3

- just to make sure reset permissions (diskutility, select Mac hd end click "repair permissions".

- now reboot and viola...dualboot!!!




after install you have no sound, no wireless, camera only seems to work half and the rest i didnt test yet.

here are all the things i found to make the above working if available.

i will try to keep this post updated if a make something work.


SOUND: just install this driver...thats all ;-) ALC268_Installer1.zip

after install reboot.


WIRELESS: not working


WEBCAM: not working




PCI SLOTS: Untested


BLUETOOTH: working out of the box




hope this guide helps somebody, it sure did help me....

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