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iPhone Owner Information

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Is it possible to get the iPhone owner information? I know it's possible to get the name of the owner, but I'm not sure how to get the phone number assigned to the device.


Here's a short bit on how to grab the owner name:


NSArray *names = [[NSHost currentHost] names];
NSString *name = [names objectAtIndex:1];
NSLog(@"OWNER: %@",name);


It's probably better to check the string for the occurance of "'s iPhone" and parse that bit off of the end of the string to get the full owner name. Not sure if they have changed this in any other releases of the iPhone SDK, but so far, this works.


I just can't figure out how to get the phone number without querying the Baseband, and I don't think Apple would be too happy if I wrote code to do that.


Does anyone know of a way to do this through code? Would appreciate any assistance!

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