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osx86 USB Flashrive, bootable on PCs AND Macs


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I'm attempting a project to get OS X 10.4 running from a USB Flashdrive (2GB) which I can boot on a intel/AMD PC AND a real Mac.

I've installed Mac os X 10.4 onto the flashdrive with a 1.3gb footprint using pacifist (by extracting the BaseSystem and Essentials packages from the retail DVD) and Ideally I'd like to take that installation and make it bootable on x86 architecture, rather than installing from a pre-patched osx86 DVD.


Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that, and all my searches pretty much directed me back to the pre-patched DVDs. I attempted using kalyway's DVD image to install, but he has not maintained the original package system so I cannot pick and choose the packages to install, simly one large 3.5gb dump of everything.


Can someone point me to either a pre-patched DVD which does maintain the original packages from the retail DVD, or guide me making my current install bootable on Intel and AMD PCs?



And then any ideas on how to boot from the same installation on both Intel/Amd and macintosh machines?

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