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I wanted to give back to the scene that has been helpfull by coming back to post my experiences with kalyway, and leo4all.


I am a newbie that doesn't want to mess with flashing video cards and kext. I got two system to work with 10.5.2 and 10.4.7. The first was built and the second was a dell 4600.


Please place your experiences here for others to find. It seems that most people who get there system up and running disappear without putting there knowledge back into the system.


Look for more from me.


Sys1-Dell 4600 desktop (says Optiplex GX270 on case but specs are model 4600) stock model running 10.4.7 (jas) with 2.8 intel with HT enabled and 1gig ram using onboard graphics- no QE/CI but all else works. No kexts needed.


Sys2- case found on street- MB-Asrock 1333wolfdale with latest bios update, 1.6ghz celeron core duo overclocked to 2.2 (could be higher but using of onboard graphics which i hear stops higher overclock) fsb:800, 2 gig (sort of) paired ram kingston value ram 667 speed. 500 gig WD drive, mac keyboard, and mouse- full resolution (some mouse tearing and few video glitches occasionally) - on inboard audio, so I use 50$ usb audio box from beringer.

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