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DVI has problems with 3D Games


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Hi. Yesterday I installed a less-than-1 Gigabytes game -- Need For Speed Undergound 2. Yes, it is native Intel. When I played the game, sometimes the screen is crappy, sometimes the screen is filled with grey boxes, and the worst of all, quitting the game would result in a black screen, and the only way to get back to the desktop was to restart. I was thinking that my Hackintosh was the same as a real Mac except for the Mic & Webcam.


And today, I installed a full version Need For Speed Carbon, which is native Intel too. I dragged the game to the Application folder and double clicked on it. The screen went black(LED indicator on the LCD went blinking, I bet you know what this means), with sound coming from the game. I pressed the Cmd+Q, then the sound disappeared, but the screen is still black. I had to restart to get back to the desktop.


My LCD has two ports -- DVI and VGA. I detach the DVI connector, and connect the VGA port. And now everything is fine.


I think there might be some problems with the Natit drive, please help solve the problem.


One more question, what would I do if I want to update the natit drive to its latest version?


My hardware specs:

Pentium E2160 oc 2.4GHz / 2GB DDR2 667 / 160GB SATA HDD / MSI 945GC Motherboard / 7300GT with 256MB DDR3 DVI,VGA,S-Video / Maya W202D 1680*1050 LCD


My software specs:

iATKOS v1.0r2 (EFI) , Kalyway 10.5.2 combo update, Stock Kernel, Leopard Graphic Update.


Video drives:

natit from iATKOS v1.0r2 DVD. (I've no idea what version of it.)

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