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Second SATA drive not recognized

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Hi, first sorry for my english, I do my best.


I've read a lot of topics about SATA, BIOS settings, etc... But I'm not able to find a solution for my problem.


I cannot put more than one SATA hard drive on the ICH7 SATA connectors. It is recognised by the BIOS but not by Mac OS.

Same problem if I use the EZ_RAID1 connector (disabling previously the RAID by taking of the two jumpers)

The only way for me is to put my second SATA drive on the Jmicron SATA connector. For the moment it's OK like this, but I don't know how to do if I want to put a third SATA drive.

Normaly my DVD drive is connected to the ICH7 SATA 4 connector, my first SATA drive is connected to the ICH7 SATA 1 connector, my second SATA drive to the Jmicron SATA connector (named RAID_1 on the mobo) and my IDE drive to the ICH7 IDE connector (named PRI_IDE on the MOBO).

I've tested without DVD and IDE drive (only two SATA drives) and it's the same, only one drive is recognized. I've tried to change SATA cables to see if one is broken, change the order of the cables, tried many changes in the BIOS: disabling Jmicron, disabling plug & play OS, disabling AHCI on Jmicron, but nothing works ;)


One week I'm trying to make it work but no chance.


Can someone who uses the same mobo with more than one SATA hard drive on the ICH7 connectors help me please?

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