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Strange errors on OSX (background, safari, hidden files, etc)

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Hello people,


My comp: a Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, memory 2GB, Geforce 6200TC, and a mobo P5GC-MX/1333.

Kalyway 10.5.1 + update to 10.5.2 + EFI v8 + online updates;


From last days I had some problems in my OSX86, and I really don't know what's happening here. I'll explain my situation:


Everything started when my Firefox casually crashed out and when I launched again there was a message saying that Firefox.app was already opened, and couldn't open another one. I tried to kill the process, but there wasn't any process from Firefox. Ok at least tried to reboot the machine, but...


When I reboot, OSX could not log in in my username, saying there was an unexpected error, and asking for reboot or shutdown. So I made a boot from Kalyway's DVD, and entered in Disk Utility to repair the disk. At the log of "repair permission" in Disk Utility was wrote there was some permission problems in the disk.


So after this I managed to boot up OSX again, but there is a couple of strange things that is happening now:


- I can't change the background picture: I choose a picture, and nothing happens at the picture in the desktop

- I can't start that app (Visible) to see hidden files/folders. That magnifying glass tries to boot and nothing happens.

- My Safari browser doesn't save anything more, when try to save any file to my Hard Disk, there is a message that says something like "You don't have enough space to save this file. Try to save in another place" . Yes I have tons of free space in my HD.

- There is a file at my Download Folder with the name a9svz1ty.scr, and I just can't delete/rename/move, even with total permission to manage this file.

- Firefox still doesn't work;


What could be happening? Looks like a nightmare of Windows' spyware/virus!!





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