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Inconsistant Boot


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Asus P5E3 Deluxe Motherboard

Intel Q6600 Proc

4 GB DDR 3 Memory

NVidia 8800GT Video Card


Windows Vista on one SATA hard drive

OSX on another SATA hard drive


In order to run the OS of my choice, I simply make the drive I want be the bootable drive in my bios.



Install was problem free and running OSX has been problem free for the most part.


The only problem I do have is as follows:


I'll run Vista. When I want to switch over to OSX, I'll shutdown and restart and go into the Bios and switch the bootable drive and reboot the computer.


as OSX boots up it will seem to load properly until the white apple screen with the little spinner completes. Once this screen goes away, my monitors will go to sleep and the system will just sit that way forever. On occasion after that, the hard drive light will show activity but nothing else.


If this happens, I'll turn the computer off and pull the power plug for 30 secs. Then, I'll plug it back in and boot the computer again. At that point, OSX will load completely and I'll have a working system.


Any ideas on why this would be happening?

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